Fat Transfer (grafting)

Over the past several years a large volume of research in both reconstructive as well as cosmetic treatments has been completed on autologous fat injections.  What this means is that some of your own fat is harvested with a liposuction procedure, prepared specially as a graft, and then injected back into a certain area of your body.  This can be your face, your breasts, your buttocks, or really any other area that has contour irregularities or deficiency of volume.  Typically a percentage of the fat survives permanently, and when prepared and injected properly, this can be upwards to 70 % or more.  While there are times that a second fat grafting procedure may be required to reach your goal, in most instances a single treatment is sufficient.  One of the most exciting things we have learned over the past several years is the importance of stem cells and other Adipocyte Derived Rejuvenative Cells (ADRC’s) that are found in the fat.  These cells have shown a remarkable ability to improve the “take” of grafted fat cells and enhance the overall result after fat transfer.  Thus, Cell Enriched Fat Transfer (CEFT) has become an excellent option for volume replacement.  As a charter member of the Cell Society, an educational organization dedicated to the advancement of stem cell and regenerative treatments around the world, Dr. G is positioned at the cutting edge of fat transfer technology and the use of fat grafting for cosmetic plastic surgery.

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