Eyelid Lift (blepharoplasty)

When you meet someone new or see friend or colleague, where do your eyes naturally go?  To their face, of course.  When most people think of loved ones, they typically visualize their face.  So it’s no wonder that we want our face to convey a healthy, youthful appearance.  One’s whole outlook and confidence level can be influenced be the reflection we see in the mirror.

Dr. G. performs several procedures and uses a range of products that each address a different issue and produce distinct results.  At your private consultation at his San Diego plastic surgery center, your plastic surgeon will help you make choices that will yield the best result for your unique situation.

Why should you get an eye lift?

Whether from age, genetics, or a combination, sometimes the eyelid skin sags, eyelid muscles loosen, and tiny deposits of fat above and below the eye can begin to accumulate and bulge forward.  The combined sagging and puffiness can create an appearance of an old and tired face.

By means of eyelid surgery, the excess skin folds on the upper eyelid may be eliminated, stretched muscles may be tightened and the fat deposits above and below the eye can be reduced or repositioned to eliminate wrinkles and pouches.  The results can make the eyes appear larger and more youthful, giving a brighter and more attractive look to your face.

As part of a comprehensive facial rejuvenation, eyelid surgery can also be performed in conjunction with a Brow Lift, or a Face Lift for highly satisfying results.

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