Breast Revision

While the vast majority of breast procedures produce satisfying results, there are some instances in which both patients and surgeons would like to improve on things.  This may include switching one or both of your implants to a larger or smaller size or switching from saline to silicone gel.  It may include treatment for capsule contracture, when the scar tissue envelope around your breast implants becomes firm and distorts the breast, or it may include any one of a number of different specific things that can be done to improve the size, shape, balance, position, or feel of your breasts after you have already had surgery.  If you have undergone a previous breast procedure and feel that your result is not quite what you had in mind, a consultation with Dr. G can answer your questions about what is happening with your breasts and what can be done to make things better.  While in truth all breast cases are individualized, this type of surgery more than any other requires a carefully thought-out and highly individualized approach, and it should be performed only by those surgeons who are experienced in performing not only high volumes of uncomplicated breast procedures, but who also perform a significant amount of revisional breast surgery as well.

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