Breast Lift

Through the years a number of factors can change how a woman’s breasts appear.  Pregnancy and breast feeding, weight gain, and the simple force of gravity can all cause stretching and relaxation of not only the skin of the breasts, but the internal supporting ligaments that maintain a young, firm breast in position with a full shape.  Fortunately, in the vast majority of these cases a breast lift, or mastopexy, procedure can reverse those changes and produce a more youthful, full, and lifted appearance to the breasts.  If you feel that your breasts are sagging or lower than you would like, a breast lifting procedure may be appropriate for you.  There are a number of different techniques for lifting breasts, and one of the most important things that Dr. G will do during your consultation is carefully assess your breasts and discuss the options that would be most appropriate for you.  This may also include the use of breast implants as well, and Dr. G will discuss this with you too.

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