XEOMIN® (incobotulinum toxin type A)

XEOMIN® is like the item from Amazon without any of the packing material; it has all of the protective proteins removed, making it a “bare” molecule. Again, this does not appear to make its clinical activity after injection for cosmetic reasons any different than BOTOX® or DYSPORT®, so long as the effective dose is known and given. In addition to being generally less expensive than BOTOX®, one other possible advantage to XEOMIN® is that it may have a lower likelihood of causing the formation of antibodies to the protective proteins, and this is one of the reasons cited for gradual loss of effectiveness of BOTOX® with repeated use over time. It is good to have several options for neurotoxin use, and while they are all very similar, there may be some subtle differences between them which may make one of them more appropriate for you than the others. It helps to have your injections performed by a doctor with experience using all of the products for this reason. Dr. G will assess your needs and discuss the options with you, and he will help you to select the option that will best meet your goals.