BOTOX Cosmetic® ( onobotulinum toxin type A )

In nature, the active part of the botulinum toxin molecule is covered by protective protein molecules, much like packing materials in a shipment from Amazon. As a result of its manufacturing process, BOTOX Cosmetic® retains all of these proteins. Thus, if we thought of the active molecule as the thing we bought from Amazon, the proteins would be like the bubble wrap and the box that contains the whole package. It is not entirely clear what the function of the proteins is other than to protect the molecule if it enters our stomachs by ingestion; this would be how it could cause botulism in nature. They do not appear to alter the time it takes for BOTOX® to work, the effectiveness of the dose, or the length of time that results last. BOTOX® has been injected since the 1980’s. It is good to have several options for neurotoxin use, and while they are all very similar, there may be some subtle differences between them which may make one of them more appropriate for you than the others. It helps to have your injections performed by a doctor with experience using all of the products for this reason. Dr. G will assess your needs and discuss the options with you, and he will help you to select the option that will best meet your goals.