LOGO-INJECTORSCULPTRA® is comprised of a powdered form of poly – L – lactic acid, the material that our absorbable sutures and bone plates are made out of. The substance itself has been around for decades, and it has a proven track record, but only recently has it been used as a filler. It was first used to restore volume to the faces of HIV patients who experienced severe wasting of their tissues because of their disease, and it worked so well that it was approved for general cosmetic use. Like RADIESSE®, SCULPTRA® is a “biostimulatory filler” meaning that it works by stimulating the body to create its own collagen to produce volume and thickening in the tissues. Unlike RADIESSE®, SCULPTRA® will not create as much mass fill, rather it produces a very nice, natural thickening of the tissues, and it has its best use in places with broader surface area, such as the temples, cheeks, and forehead. It will last well over a year, and in some people it has lasted over two years, thereby allowing us to call it “semi-permanent.”