LOGO-INJECTORJUVEDERM® and JUVEDERMXC® are temporary hyaluronic acid fillers used to fill creases in skin and add volume to small areas of volume deficiency. Both of them come in Ultra and Ultra Plus concentrations; Ultra Plus is a bit more concentrated and lasts a bit longer than Ultra. The JUVEDERMXC® fillers have lidocaine, a local anesthetic, mixed in with the filler to help ease the pain of injection. Dr. G typically uses JUVEDERMXC® Ultra Plus for most uses of JUVEDERM®. The unique things about JUVEDERM® as a filler are that it is a homogeneous gel, much like yogurt, making it very smooth and easy to inject, and it has a property called “hydrophilic,” meaning that it retains water slightly more than some of the other hyaluronic fillers. Most plastic surgeons find this makes it ideal as a filler for places like the lips, nasolabial folds, and cheeks, where “plumpness” is desired, but in areas like the eyelids, it is not ideal because it can cause more of an appearance of puffiness than some other fillers. Dr. G will review your individual needs and goals and recommend the best filler to help you best improve your appearance.