Facial Conturing

Many times to achieve a desired change in the appearance of the face, a formal facelifting procedure is neither indicated nor wanted.  Sometimes there is simply too much fullness in one or more areas of the face without significant laxity of the tissues, or sometimes there is too little fullness.  In cases like these Dr. G. can often change the shape, or contour, of the face and neck without the need to perform a full facelifting procedure.  Liposuction of the neck, cheeks, or jowls is often an excellent solution to excess fullness in these areas, and this procedure can make your face appear more fit and shapely, less bulky, and overall more youthful and vibrant.

In other cases, if more volume in a particular area is needed, such as with hollowing of the cheeks or temples, Dr. G. can perform fat transfer to improve the contour of those areas and create a pleasing, well-balanced look to the face.

Utilizing the proper combination of procedures, techniques, and products can lead to a complete facial rejuvenation and a more vibrant, youthful appearance.  Ask Dr. G. if a Facial Contouring procedure is the appropriate course for you to follow.

Dr. G. has the creativity and skill to achieve what you envision!

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