Face Lift

When you meet someone new or see a friend or colleague, where do your eyes naturally go?  To their face, of course.  When most people think of loved ones, they typically visualize their face.  So it’s no wonder that we want our face to convey a healthy, youthful appearance.  One’s whole outlook and confidence level can be influenced be the reflection we see in the mirror.

Dr. G. performs several procedures and uses a range of products that each address a different issue and produce distinct results.  At your private consultation at the San Diego plastic surgery center, your plastic surgeon will help you make choices that will yield the best result for your unique situation.

Face Lift

Genetics, stress, sun exposure, and the aging process naturally cause the skin in our faces to droop, sag, and develop wrinkles.  Deeper tissues lose their tone and fatty deposits in the cheek move downward.  Jaw lines become jowls and folds appear in the front of the neck and under the chin.

A Face Lift procedure performed at Dr. G’s La Jolla surgery center can tighten the deeper supporting tissue, lifting the underlying muscle layers of the cheek and the neck.  Excess fat in the cheeks can be contoured or removed.This procedure may also tighten the face and neck and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

For patients with good skin elasticity and limited sagging, a “mini-facelift” or endoscopic short-scar procedure may be effective to reduce the early signs of aging. This technique is quicker, less invasive, and requires less recovery time than a traditional face lift procedure.

You may also notice laxity of upper eyelid skin and formation of bags beneath the eyes. Eyelid Surgery can be combined with a face lift if your eyelids are of concern to you. A forehead and Brow Lift can also be combined with a face lift if desired.

Dr. G. has the creativity and skill to achieve what you envision!

Call today for more information about a Facial Rejuvenation, Face Lift, Brow Lift, or Facial Liposuction at his San Diego La Jolla practice and arrange a consultation.