When you meet someone new or see friend or colleague, where do your eyes naturally go?  To their face, of course.  When most people think of loved ones, they typically visualize their face.  So it’s no wonder that we want our face to convey a healthy, youthful appearance.  One’s whole outlook and confidence level can be influenced be the reflection we see in the mirror.

Dr. G. performs several procedures and uses a range of products that each address a different issue and produce distinct results.  At your private consultation at his San Diego plastic surgery center, your plastic surgeon will help you make choices that will yield the best result for your unique situation.


Aesthetic ear surgery, called otoplasty, can reshape the “outstanding” or prominent ear, by altering its size, position, or configuration. The most common cause of prominent ears is lack of an antihelical fold, normally present just inside the rim of the ear. A wide concha, or bowl, of the ear can also contribute to prominence of the ear.

The technique of otoplasty utilizes an incision on the back of the ears that is hidden from view. Through this incision the antihelical fold can be created and the height of the conchal bowl can be reduced. Nicely positioned ears are symmetrical and their rims are between 15 and 20 mm from the side of the head.

Timing is always an important consideration. Undergoing the procedure at a young age has two benefits: the cartilage is extremely pliable, allowing greater ease of shaping, and the young patient will experience the psychological benefits of the cosmetic improvement for their entire lifetime.

In addition, with aging the ears may become enlarged or elongated by the effects of gravity and skin stretching. Reduction in the size of the ears or the ear lobes can restore a more youthful look to the ears.

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