There are a variety of reasons why someone may choose to consider aesthetic surgery for the face.  Whether the goal is to correct changes of aging and sun damage by lifting and tightening loose and sagging tissues or to change the shape or proportions of the face, there are a number of surgical options available to you.

When rejuvenating the face there are a number of important points to consider.  Facial aging not only causes loss of tone and sagging in the tissues of the face, but it also causes predictable loss of volume in specific areas of the face.  Hollowing of the brows, temples, eyes, and cheeks are a few examples of this.  Additionally, the skin itself may require treatment to reverse the changes of aging as well.  In order to produce the most natural and comprehensive results, all of these things should be taken into consideration, and plans to address each area of facial aging should be developed.  Whether this includes facelifting procedures, injections or fat transfer, laser rejuvenation, or topical skin care, each treatment has its own place in the entire process.  Furthermore, the techniques used must be very specific to your individual needs in order to make you look natural and refreshed instead of “done.”  Not all procedures can or should be used on all patients, and not everyone will want to do the same things that everyone else wants to do.  Procedures like short scar or minimally invasive facelift techniques in addition to full face and neck lifts, fat or filler injections, or even facial implants can be incorporated into your individual plan.  One very special and important thing to note is that men and women have different needs when it comes to facial rejuvenation, and therefore, different plans should be formulated based upon this so to not feminize the appearance of men.

When a change in facial architecture, shape, or proportion is desired, a number of different options are available to assist with this.  From non-surgical injectable treatments to fat grafting to the use of chin, cheek, jaw, or nasal implants, Dr. G can select from a variety of techniques to help you meet your goals safely and with a natural appearance.

The key to facial aesthetic surgery is a natural and well-balanced appearance, and this is usually achieved by careful consideration of the individual goals and needs of each person.