love-your-Look-logoThe breast plays a very important role in the definition of beauty in the human physique in our society.  While each person’s specific definition of what this is may vary, there is no question that having a beautiful appearance to the breasts is important to many people.  For this reason breast surgery is as popular as it ever was.  Additionally, recent advances in the technology of breast implants, like the use of cohesive gels (“gummy bear” implants) and anatomically shaped implants, have enhanced the results of breast augmentation to make the operation even more reliable and safe.  Women who have always wanted larger or fuller breasts have many options to choose from in techniques to accomplish this, and women who have lost tone or volume in their breasts from pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss will find the same large number of options to help lift, firm, or enlarge their breasts to a more youthful appearance.  Women whose breasts are too large and creating problems for them physically or emotionally will find that with modern breast reduction techniques they can have the proportions and figure that they always dreamed of with attractively shaped breasts and very acceptable scars.

When it comes to breast augmentation, while an “artificially enhanced” appearance to the breasts can always be created if desired, Dr. G believes that the most important consideration to make when planning breast surgery is to create a natural result that “fits” with your body.  In the end, however, you are always in charge, and we will rely heavily on your input to create a plan to meet your particular goals.  From our in-depth consultation process, including a detailed review of your specific desires and personal sizing for implants and selection of implant type, to the surgical techniques used including individualized incision placement, specialized techniques like the dual plane approach and the use of Keller funnels to minimize scar length, to the detailed postoperative follow up performed by Dr. G himself, everything is done with that one goal in mind:  a natural, beautiful result that meets, or exceeds, your individual goals.

In cases of breast lifting and breast reduction, Dr. G is expert in using a variety of different techniques and procedures to address your specific needs.  Breast lifting may or may not include the use of breast implants.  Whether a minimal lift is needed from a circumareaolar, or “donut” mastopexy, or more of a lift from a vertical (“lollipop”) or full (“Wise pattern” or “anchor”) mastopexy, Dr. G will be able to guide you to the appropriate procedure for your specific needs.  In cases of breast reduction, Dr. G’s extensive experience with all breast reduction techniques and careful attention to detail have resulted in many years of safe surgical results and some of the happiest patients in our practice.

Men are often concerned about the development of breast tissue that can come with hormone changes or being overweight, and this can produce self-consciousness and embarrassment.  A variety of techniques and procedures are available to help create a more proportionate and masculine contour for the male chest and restore confidence and self-esteem whether in business attire or on the beach.