In today’s active and fit society, having a body contour that is pleasing and proportionate is important to many people.  While each person’s specific definition of what this is may vary, there is no question that having a beautiful figure is a goal of women and men alike.  For this reason body contouring surgery is as popular as it ever was.  Additionally, with the advent of safe and effective bariatric surgery for weight loss, more and more people are choosing a body contouring procedure to create the figure that they want.  Women who have lost tone in their abdomens from pregnancy or weight loss or men who have lost substantial amounts of weight will find that abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, and help them regain the abdominal and torso contour that they desire, while those with localized deposits of excess fatty tissue will be very happy with the results of liposuction.  Those people with excess and loose skin or fatty tissue on the torso, arms, or legs will also find options to help improve the appearance of those areas too.

When it comes to body contouring , Dr. G believes that the most important consideration to make is to create a natural result that “fits” with your body.  Using a variety of techniques which can be individualized to each person’s specific needs is the key to doing this.  Dr. G believes that what our eye wants to see in the human form is not necessarily small, petite features, rather we most appreciate smooth contours, symmetry, and evenness in form.  Thus, the goal becomes to create these things rather than to simply make you “smaller.”  There are many, many very beautiful “full-figured” people out there that embody this principle, so whether you are already a chiseled specimen like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model or Michaelangelo’s David, and just need a little help, or you are looking to shed a large amount of excess skin or fatty bulk and improve upon contours and symmetry, there is a solution that can be found to meet your needs.